James has dedicated a large part of his work, especially since 2011, to solo playing and the development of a long-form work he calls Sighs Too Deep For Words. His solo work is a synthesis of the improvised and the composed and often incorporates multiple clarinets (Bb, Eb, prepared), ritual and singing bowls/bells, shruti box, and other ambient sound makers. He has toured with his solo project extensively, often in conjunction with workshops and masterclasses on improvisation at universities, colleges, and music schools.

James released a 2012 DVD of Sighs Too Deep For Words, filmed live at Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago.  Learn more about that project HERE and view/listen to samples of James' solo work below.

James solo in New Haven, CT in March 2014

Excerpt from James Falzone's Sigh's Too Deep For Words. Released on Allos Documents, 2012 Visit http://allosmusica.org/ for more details