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With The Tapestry Vocal Ensemble in Los Angeles

  • Mount WIlson Observatory Los Angeles, CA (map)

With Tapestry: Cristi Catt, soprano; Laurie Monahan, mezzo-soprano; Daniela Tošić, alto

“Starry Night” Program
Our understanding of the Universe was redefined atop Mount Wilson when Edwin Hubble proved that the Universe extends beyond our own galaxy... and, that it was expanding. Gathered under the resonant dome of the great Hooker telescope "a strikingly accomplished vocal ensemble" (Fanfare Magazine)will take you beyond the stars performing works inspired by the sun, moon and celestial bodies. Their musical journey opens with a solar eclipse in Medieval France (Sol Eclipsum, 12th-13th century) and takes flight, weaving together works of Hildegard von Bingen, Debussy, Hovhaness, Randall Thompson and David Lang – exploring the cycles of the moon and stars, and the cycles of human life. Tapestry “plants haunting vibrations, old and new, in our ears” (Cleveland Plain Dealer).