Describing the work of a modern musician can be a complex business. For an artist like James Falzone, genres and categories are porous. In short, James is a clarinetist, composer, improviser, and educator who works at the intersection of jazz, classical and world music traditions. But the story is so much more interesting than that, as they often are. If you stopped there, you wouldn't even know about his training as an artisan bread baker!

On this page you'll find a host of interviews and features about James that offer a deeper look into his work and practice. You can learn about his musical background and influences, his work in liturgical music, and his teaching philosophy and research interests, as well as why he's not a Beatles fan and what kind of cast iron pans he uses. A bit of indexing is offered at each link for an idea about content.

If you just want the quick scoop on James in a traditional Bio format for press purposes (or time), you'll find that in the PRESS section where you'll also find press quotes and downloadable hi-resolution photos.


April 2019 profile in The Seattle Times about James’ work at Cornish College of the Arts and in the Seattle music community.

November 2018 profile/interview at Second Inversion about James’ work with Allos Musica Ensemble, improvisation, and Cornish College of the Arts.

October 2017 feautre article in the Chicago Tribune on Wayfaring's debut release. 

August 2017 Interview from OFF THE PODIUM, a music podcast with Tigran Arakelyan

March 2017 PROFILE at Seattle's Earshot Jazz

February 2017 feature at Seattle's premiere new music blog Second Inversion about new work at Cornish College of the Arts and concert with Bonnie Whiting. 

Fall 2016 interview with Peter Margasak of the Chicago Reader on James' relocation to Seattle and postition as Chair of Music at Cornish College of the Arts. 

September 2016 feature at the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship on James's ideas and work in liturgical music. 

May 2016 feature in New York City Jazz Record of a solo performance in Brooklyn by Clifford Allen. 

James was featured in the February 2016 edition of Dusted Magazine and asked to list music and other art that was meaningful in his life. Here's his list

An wide-ranging interview and discussion with James in the style of a Downbeat "Blindfold" test with host Ben Remsen. Part of the of Now Is Podcast

Radio interview with Glenn Siegel at WMUA Radio regarding the Renga Ensemble and The Room Is. Also a bit of clarinet history!

March 2015 artist feature in The New York City Jazz Record by Clifford Allen. 

February 2015 interview at I Care If You Listen with James regarding The Renga Ensemble and the release of The Room Is.  

August 2014 essay The Unknown Country from music journalist Tim Schuler about music and place that includes James' teaching work at Deep Springs College. James shows up at the end of Part III and in Part IV

May 2014 feature on Jeff Green's Resonant Radio featuring James' Allos Musica Ensemble.

November 2013 public radio interview at WMUK in Kalamazoo, MI Discussing James' Allos Musica Ensemble and Solo projects in support of his appearance at the Michigan Festival of Sacred Music.

April 2013 feature in the Chicago Tribune for the Renga Ensemble premiere.

March 2013 interview/podcast for Jeremiah Cymerman's 5049 Records Far-reaching conversation that touches on everything from James' early studies to the role of the clarinet in jazz to cooking to fatherhood.

December 2012 feature at Point of Departure 
Interviewed with very poignant questions from veteran jazz writer Troy Collins. Covers work with KLANG and James' interests in liturgical music and connections between music and theology.

May 2012 appearance on Chicago Public Radio discussing the legend of Benny Goodman.

April 2012 interview/podcast at Secret Weapon
Very diverse interview with Annie Higgins covering James' training, compositional style, liturgical work, and commitment to exploring myriad genres and styles.

January 2012 feature at NewMusicBox 
A good video and print overview of James work and ensembles.

Fall 2011 feature at Columbia College @LAS Magazine 
Looks at James' teaching philosophies and his work in the First Year Seminar Program at Columbia College Chicago.

February 2011 feature in Downbeat Magazine. Click here for PDF

November 2010 interview/podcast for The Jazz Session 
Thoughtful interview with Jason Crane with special attention to the Allos Musica Ensemble release Lamentations.

April 2010 feature at Alarm Press with writer/critic Timothy Schuler  In-depth feature of James' work with special attention to his solo work Sighs Too Deep For Words.