James Falzone: clarinet/leader
Jason Adasciewicz: vibraphone
Jason Roebke: bass
Tim Daisy: drums

Founded in 2006 by James, KLANG is a highly regarded jazz-leaning quartet that has been featured on National Public Radio, performed at The 2009 Chicago Jazz Festival, and toured extensively in the US.

Brooklyn Lines . . . Chicago Spaces (2012)
Other Doors (2011)
Tea Music (2009)



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"The band plays music that's controlled on the the surface and wriggling inside: tight, cruising  arrangements of thoughtful and stylish music, with vibraphone shimmers  and Mr. Falzone's handsome tone over bass and drums that rumble freely,  without fixed rhythm, but that never make a big deal out of it. The band is having everything at once, of course: structure and freedom, tunes and the open imagination."  Ben Ratliff, The New York Times 

"Although the instrumental make-up of the unit recalls the swing era    clarinet and vibraphone combos popularized by Goodman and Lionel     Hampton, Falzone’s four-piece actually belongs to an innovative     clarinet-centric continuum that includes the introspective musings     of Jimmy Giuffre and the avant-garde innovations of John Carter.     Drawing on years of experience playing together, Falzone and     Adasiewicz are a finely tuned front line. The leader’s serpentine     phrasing boasts a dark, woody tone that courts dramatic dissonance     without abandoning conventional harmony; his plangent lyricism is     further underscored by Adasiewicz’s kaleidoscopic palette, which     ranges from luminescent shadings to metallic shards. Roebke and     Daisy provide able support, executing quicksilver shifts in mood     with a combination of responsive timing, rhythmic versatility and     timbral finesse."
          Troy Collins, Point of Departure